Sewing Bucket List

1. Mini skirt - Very short skirt, terminating 8 to 10 in above the knee.
 A style which orgin in England in the mid 1960s.

2. Blazer Jacket - Straight jacket with revers, collar and pockets based on the jackets worn by Sportsman.

3. Wrap Dress - An extension of a bodice wrapping over to cover the other 
potion of a bodice.

4. Cardigan - A jacket made in Fabric, based on the knitted cardigan i.e,
 collar less and with button on the band.

5. Skort - A combination of a skirt and a short, Looks like a skirt
in front and shorts in back. 

6. Wide leg Trousers - A tailor pair of wide legged trousers,
 which can be worn with a Blazer or Cardigan.

7. Men Suit - Just for my Fiance'
It'll include the Tailored Jacket and tailored pant.

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