Street Geek

As everyone know or seen, I have a persona for the geeky stuff. I've studied Dressmaking and Design at Penn Foster and feel pretty proud of myself.  Penn foster have a great career diploma that gives you an excellent insight on sewing and intro to pattern making. 

"My love for Geeky prints makes me giggle"

Usually I discover my goonie fabrics at Walmart or Joanns. is my secondary home, when you order over $35 your shipping is free and thats what I worry about when buying fabric online.  I truly feel my novelty fabric faze is coming to a end, Don't get me wrong when I state this, Im still coco for cocopuffs! But this Loyal lime green fabric I've spotted gives me life when my eye's were laid upon it. 

                                  Ponte Leggero Knit Lime

                        I'm inspired to make

The inspiration behind this color comes from, my Awesome Sixteenth birthday cake.  My momma bought me a  lime green and black cake, unfortunately I lost all pictures in hurricane katrina and my birthday is around Halloween so I always had a taste for the crazies lol,  I love dressing up and those colours bring me joy when I see them.  So, my birthday is coming up and I've decided to make this skirt using that fabric.  Now,  I know what this may look like, A slim fitted lime green skirt she must gonna wear this one time.  Well, you probably right :}   I'm looking at it this way, It's my birthday and I can do what I want too!  

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