Selling my Skirts

It starts with me trying to make a business from clothes that I'll wear, play dress up are just to look adorable in.

This very cute sponge-bob skirt was fun to make! when I seen the fabric I went nuts, I knew I had to have this fabric but what to make?  a while back I watch a tutorial on how to make a circle skirt and it seem easy so I made a plan and the turn out was so adorable as you can see.
Sorry for HDR, but the skirt looks just how you see it.  I really didn't get a chance to wear the skirt this summer like I planned :(  so I decided to post it for sell on ebay...  Am I making a bad decision?
I have this fab pattern for a vintage top that'll look so cute with this skirt < Here what I'm dealing with> 
To keep the skirt or not to Keep it?
Thats the major question!!!
I also brought this Fab barbie fabric from Walmart that I can no longer find :(
If you find it let me know! I take donations Lol ;)

Here's a picture

I absolutely love this skirt! but once again I struggle on if I should keep it, I didn't get to wear this skirt either and the fact that I post it for sell is making me a little depressed!  Give me a second Gees, the struggle's of wanting to have my own little boutique not sure what Im doing wrong, but I know Im on to something.  Do you agree with my decision to sell these skirts or how should I be doing this?  I mean These are truly unique pieces added to my wardore. Okay Im taking them down I can no longer be hurt by the decision of never seeing these skirts again!!   

It's done!!! 
I feel much better now, I'll plan to make tops and hopefully I can post some pictures adding to this Entry!!