I got a New Job.... I'm now a Part-time employee of
 Lowes Home Improvement store
It's a Great Job and my Co-Worker's are Awesome, Anytime I need help their always there and really no question is a dumb question,  my Manager's are truly genuine  which make's learning easier, helping my customer is Fantastically Fun!   I've Learn a lot this pass month, Okay so did you know if you download  lowes free app it'll help you navigate the store to better service you. all you do is type in the item name your looking for and it'll give  aisle location and bay number (shelve) 
Amazing right!!

This pass week was Black Friday, not a stress in the world. I've worked black friday's before and this was not like before, So much easier and smooth patient customer's. We had some great deals too  some where I wish I had a house.....

Have you visit your local Lowe's yet??

My Black Friday Buy....
Pachira Money Tree

I've worked on one dress ideal and I'm still now done here
I'll post the process later......

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