Working with STRIPES

Making a decision to re-cut or move forward.
The Vogue v2810 comes in style and never leaves.... I mean "every girl should have a variety of these laying around"...  I'm choosing to play with strips this time.

Only to run into a Big Problem...  The back of the skirt isn't lining up to the front.  I didn't have this issue the first time around and I'm having a Bitch fit right now.....

So maybe I should move forward.... Who cares right (WRONG) I CARE...
now I have to figure out how to make this work

Researching stripes when sewing.... everyone and anyone who work with stripes always work with them in order. I get it, a line should always match-up if broken then it should meet a point or make for that matter. 
So now Im thinking PLEATS PLEATS PLEATS!  
yea that should do the trick! But only in the back WHAT ABOUT THE FRONT?

so pleating is most def out of the question...  I mean I've already serge the front two pieces together and ripping them apart isn't the glory ideal.
Now I'm opting to rudge the side's
it's better then re-thinking the and starting completely over...

I'm unsure what the turnout will be but it lines up and im happy with that!

so the line are not that perfect, But it works, It ACTUALLY WORKS!
Im excited don't want to get overjoyed though, still alot more work to do...

now for the zipper

I know what you thinking a bold Lime green zipper, this wont look professional.
The ideal of navy blue and lime tickles me, those two color cooed look awesome to me!
the zipper is a 9in poly zipper I purchase from Walmart for 1.00 
since this will be a high waist skirt I'm hoping i'll be able to get my butt in the skirt. 
9in should be enough RIGHT?

The Results!

oh and the back.....

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